Atnaujinta: 2023-08-31

Klaipeda Queen Louise youth centre


Klaipeda Queen Louise youth centre – non-formal children education school located in the city centre, at Puodziu St. 1. Activities are scheduled after general education classes in schools. There are 23 education programmes for children and students, aged 5 to 19. The main areas of activities – theatre, dance, art, music education. For the youngest – an aesthetic education group has been set up. For those living further away from the centre, the choreography studio „Inkarelis“, at Laukininku St. 13, and the theatre studio „Ausra“ (I. Simonaitytes St. 24, Sauliu St. 14) might be more convenient. Experienced teachers share their knowledge with the children, support their self-expression, organize showings, concerts, plays. Group, ensemble and studio students are active players in city, national, international contests, festivals, national song festivals, other representational events. Our priority – safe, happy, motivated, friendly students, discovering the wonderful world of art appreciation together with their teachers.


The institution is also responsible for students’ free time during the summer, summer camps, concert picnics, educational programmes are organized.


Open Youth Spaces (I. Simonaitytes St. 24, P. Komunos St. 16A) offer a spread of interesting activities for youths – events and activities that help develop leadership and volunteering, citizenship and social skills. The visitors of Open Youth Spaces – European Union project members.


Those wishing to join the centre’s activities and studies should have parents or guardians fill out the acceptance documents – a request and an agreement, by which consenting to pay the fee for education (from 4.50 to 13.50 Eur per month, depending on the number of hours of services provided).



Klaipeda Queen Louise youth centre

Address: Puodzių St. 1, LT-92127 Klaipeda

Telephone: (+370 46) 410972




Deputy principal

Modesta Paulauskienė

Telephone: (+370 46) 486266



Kornelija Stasiuliene

Telephone: (+370 46) 210124